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Cochin University of Science and Technology, Cochin, India
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03-04 Dec 20182-Day workshop on "Statistical Analysis & Computational Tools in Ocean Data Processing" (photos)
15-09-2018Cleaning camp at Fort Kochi beach by NSS (photos)
04-09-2018Invited Talk by Dr. Prasannakumar, Retd. Scientist, National Institute of Oceanography, Goa on "Role of Oceans on Climate Change and Warming - Natural vs Anthropogenic"
30-07-2018Ph. D. Pre-synopsis presentation by Salini
07-04-2018Oceanography Cruise for students [ Photo Gallery]
03-04-2018Campus Fest (LEAF - 2018)
22-03-2018Academic Audit
09-02-2018Coastal Oceanography Field Trip
12-01-2018Ph. D. Open Defence by Sri. Jayaprakash
21-12-2017Presentation by Ph. D. sholars
-12-2017Talk by Dr. Suprit Kumar, Scientist, INCOIS
27-07-2017Talk by Dr. T. K. Sivadas, Scientist (Retd), CIFT, Kochi on Oceanographic Instruments for Marine Sciences
28-06-2017M. Tech. DAT-2017 Entrance Exam
23-03-2017Talk by Dr. Prasad Kumar Bhaskaran, Professor, IIT Kharagpur on "Ocean Wave Dynamics"
23-02-2017Ph. D. Pre-Synopsis Presentation by Mr. Jayaprakash C.
17-02-2017Coastal Oceanography Field trip with students.
21-12-2016Ph. D. Viva and Open Defence by Saji P. K.
21-08-2016Talk by Dr. Shanmugham, Professor, Dept. of Ocean Engineering, IIT Madras
20-08-2016Talk by Dr. V. Sundar, Professor, Dept. of Ocean Engineering, IIT Madras
30-08-2016Ph. D. Viva and Open Defence by Maya Pai.
13-12-2016Invited talk by Dr. A. D. Rao, Professor, Centre for Atmospheric Sciences, IIT, Delhi.
30-08-2016NAAC Visit
12-08-2016Ph. D. Open defence by Phirosh Shah
26-02-2016One-day field Trip for Coastal Studies (photos)
19-02-2016Campus Day Celebration
18-08-2015 Fresher's Day Celebration
16-06-2015 Ph. D. Open Diffence by P. A. Umesh
09-06-2015 Ph. D. Synopsis Presentation by Phiros
28-05-2015 M.Sc. IV Semester Project Presentation
27-05-2015 M.Tech. IV Semester Project Presentation