Oceanography Cruise

Conducts Oceanographic cruise for students to carryout oceanic observations at sea/estuary.

Coastal Oceanography Field Trip

Conducts Coastal Oceanographic trip for students to study coastal features along the coast of Kerala

Invited Talk

Scientists and resource persons are invited for seminar/talk to the benifit of students.


Department conducts seminar, workshops and training programmes

Newspaper Club

Discusses newpaper reports and news of Oceanography topics.

National Service Scheme (NSS)

NSS activities


This is a state government program in which famous international and national scientists are invited to stay in the campus for about a week and conduct various academic activities in the department for the benifit of students, research scholars and faculties.

Cultural Activities

Various cultural activities (LEAF, Onam celebration, Campus Day etc.) are conducted in the campus in which students gets opportunities to show their talent.