OCE2206 Oceanographic Application Tools (Practical)
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About the Course

This is a computer based course in which octave programming and data analysis softwares (ferret and GMT) are introduced. Octave is a computer programming language which is compatible with matlab and is good in analyzing data in matrix form. It contains many in-built functions for matrix and other statistical computations. Octave/Matlab also has several data plotting functions which are applicable in Oceanography.

Ferret is a plotting software widely used in Oceanography for global data sets in the netcdf format. Normally, global data sets are huge and will be difficult to manage with other softwares. Ferret can be easily analyzed with simple commands. GMT is another graphical plotting software. The advantage of GMT is the quality of output. It also contain high resolution coastaline data.

Faculty Dr. Saji P. K.
Credits 1
Hours/Week 3