OCEE210 Computer Programming in Oceanography (Practical)
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About the Course

This is a computer-based course to teach computer programming in Fortran. The objective of the course to develope the skill of writing computer programs for the processing of oceanographic data sets. The students does not require any previous knowledge in computer for learing this course.

Oceanographic data can be so huge so that it will be difficult to do various computations by hand. Hence the data has to be processed with the help of computer by the application of a programming language. In oceanography, Fortran has been used as the preferred programming language for oceanographic computations. Fortran is used in making mathematical models of ocean processes. A good skill in Fortran programming is essential to become a good oceanographer.

Faculty Saji P. K.
Credits 2
Hours/Week 6
Duration July-Nov
Nature of course General
Pre-requisites for other students No specific pre-requisites are required for this course. The student only have a positive mind towards solving mathematical problems by writing computer programs.