OCE2304 Large Scale Ocean Processes (Practical)

About the Course

This is a computer based practical course with an objective to introduce ocean data analysis. Students are expected to have good background knowledge in fortran programming. Programming in matlab/octave also will be introduced. For graphical outputs, softwares such as ferret, GMT and also matlab will be used. A short training for these softwares will be given in the class. At the end of the course a student will be aware of the various data analyzing tools and will be able to carryout independent analysis.

Students are encouraged to document the practical in the way of writing research papers. This will help the student in writing research papers in the future.

Name of Instructor : Dr. V. Vijith


Hydrography: Levitus climatology of temperature and salinity - estimation of ocean mixed layer depth and climatology - T-S diagram and water mass analysis

Ocean heat budget: Computation of latent and sensible heat fluxes using bulk formula - radiation budget - heat budget using OAFlux data - interannual variations in heat balance - heat transport

Ocean circulation: seasonal wind pattern over Indian Ocean - wind stress distribution - ocean circulation using SODA data - processing drifting buoy data

Interannual variability: ENSO - Southern Oscillation index - Pacific Ocean warm pool variability - Nino index - Indian Ocean Dipole Mode (IOD)

Internal Assessment

                        M. Sc. Oceanography III Semester, Nov 2017
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Class Schedule

  1. Temperature Climatology in Indian Ocean

  2. Salinity Climatology in Indian Ocean

  3. Density variation in Indian Ocean

  4. Seasonal Wind distribution over Indian Ocean

  5. Mixed Layer Depth

  6. Heat budget of Ocean

  7. Ocean Circulation

  8. ENSO

  9. Indian Ocean Dipole