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About the Course

Mathematical modelling is a process of representing real world problems in mathematical terms in an attempt to find solutions to the problems. A mathematical model can be considered as a simplification or abstraction of a (complex) real world problem or situation into a mathematical form, thereby converting the real world problem into a mathematical problem. The equations are solved to obtain solution. The solution is intrepreted and translated into real terms.

Oceans are fluids which obey natural physical laws. Hence mathematical modeling can be applied to oceans and is called as Ocean Modeling. In a mathematical problem, the emphasis is in solving a problem rather than finding an answer that must exist. The objective is to have a solution closer to the excact one.

Oceans dynamics is expressed in terms of set of partial differential equations. Obtaining analytical solutions to this equations is difficult and even impossible. Hence numerical techniques are used to solve the equations with the help of computers. This is called as Numerical Modeling or Computer Modeling.

A good background knowledge in Ocean dynamics is a pre-requisit to this course. For doing modeling exercises, the student also should have a good background on computer programming in Fortran and Matlab

Faculty Saji P. K.
Credits 1
Nature of course Mathematical
Pre-requisites for other students Mathematical background especially in differential equations
Programming in fortran & matlab
Ocean dynamics