GMT is an open source collection of about 80 command-line tools for manipulating geographic 
    	and Cartesian data sets (including filtering, trend fitting, gridding, projecting, etc.) and 
    	producing PostScript illustrations ranging from simple x–y plots via contour maps to artificially 
    	illuminated surfaces and 3D perspective views.

    Online Documentation and Tutorials

    	GMT Wiki
    	GMT Manpages
    	Tutorials by Prof. Eric Calais

    Installation of GMT

    	GMT can be installed in different ways
    		1) Using package manager. 
    		2) Mannual installation from GMT web

    Procedure for GMT plot

    	Step-1: Create GMT script files in a text editor. Save the file as "xxx.gmt" where
    		"xxx" is the filename (without spaces). Syntax for the file is:
    		 gmt_command options -K >
    		 gmt_command options -O -K >>
    		 gmt_command options -O >>
    	Step-2: Run the gmt file in a termimal as "make -f xxx.gmt"
    	Step-3: View the generated postscript (.ps) file.
    	Step-1: Create GMT script file and save as say, xx.gmt. The syntax is:
    		gmt gmt_command options -K >
    		gmt gmt_command options -O -K >>
    		gmt gmt_command options -O >>
    	Step-2: Run gmt file as "sh xx.gmt"
    	Step-3: View the generated