LateX Quick Reference

by Saji P. K.


How Latex Works?

  1. Create LateX file
  2. 		Open "Texmaker" Latex editor.
    		Method - 1
    		Create new file (File -> New)
    		Type the following in the document: 
    		(type here anything you want) This is my first document ...
    	Method - 2
    	Click "wizard - > Quick start"
  3. Save File
  4. Run document
  5. 	Option-1:
    		Tools -> PDFLatex
    		Tools -> View PDF
    	Option -2:
    		Press the arrow symbol of "Quick-Build"
  6. Run outside latex editor (from terminal)
  7. 	Open terminal in the folder where the .tex file exists.
    	Type the command "pdflatex file.tex"
    	where file.tex is the latex source file.