LateX Quick Reference

by Saji P. K.



  • Line Spacing for documents
  • Package: \usepackage{setspace}
    	\singlespacing		% single spacing
    	\onehalfspacing		% one and half spacing
    	\doublespacing		% double spacing
  • Vertical spacing in text : \vspace{}
  • Inside the bracket, give the value. For example, \vspace{3mm} to get 3mm of space. \vspace{2.3cm} will produce 2.3cm space. Example:
    	Some text
    	Some more text
  • Horizontal space : \hspace{}
  • Example:
    	\hspace{5mm} Some text
  • Align a text to right :
  • '\hfill Some text here' will keep the text to the right and fill its left with blank space.
  • Math space. We can give spacing between variables in an equation. There are different options.
  • 	\,		% small space
    	\;		% bigger space