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Department Of Physical Oceanography, Cochin University Of Science And Technology  - Prasanth R.
Prasanth R.
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Joining Date | 23.07.2018

Supervising guide | Dr. V. Vijith

Field of study | Oceanography

Title | Bio-physical processes in the north Indian Ocean



Bio-physical processes in the northern Indian Ocean

The research on the marine pelagic ecosystem and biological response to physical conditions is relevant because of two primary considerations. The first consideration is that the phytoplankton is the primary producer and occupy the first trophic level. Secondly, the ocean food web's trophic level has a vital role in the ocean carbon cycle. Planktonic ecosystems play an important role in regulating our climate by removing greenhouse gases such as CO2 from the atmosphere. Thus, we tend to study the coupling between biology and ocean dynamics in the north Indian Ocean, incorporating observations and coupled physical-ecosystem model simulations.