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20,21 Aug 2015
Onam celebration

Ocean News

19-23 Oct 2015
GLOSS GE 14 meeting and the Indian Ocean Sea Level Science Workshop at N.I.O, Goa
7-9 Oct 2015
National Symposium on "Acoustics for Ocean Environment" at NIO, Goa
30 Nov - 4 Dec 2015
International Symposium on "Dynamics of the Indian Ocean : Perspective and Retrospective at NIO, Goa.

Oceanography is the study of the deep sea and shallow coastal oceans. The branches such as biology, chemistry, geology and physics together make oceanography a richly interdisciplinary science. Oceans do not operate alone but interacts with the atmosphere, continents and ice-cover.

Physical Oceanography is the study of physical processes in the oceans and its interaction with land, ice and atmosphere by applying the fundamental laws of physics. The major topics of study are Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Ocean Dynamics, Air-Sea Interaction, Ocean Circulation, waves, Ocean and climate, Polar oceans, Coastal and Estuarine Oceanography etc.

Oceans are important because of its biodiversity, as a source of resources (minerals, natural gas, fishery, freshwater), source of energy, economic value, and most importantly the influence on weather and climate of planet Earth.

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