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Oceanography is the study of the deep sea and shallow coastal oceans. The branches such as biology, chemistry, geology and physics together make oceanography a richly interdisciplinary science. Physical Oceanography is the study of physical processes in the oceans and its interaction with atmosphere, land and ice. Oceans are important to us because of its biodiversity, resources (minerals, natural gas, fishery, freshwater) and most importantly to its influence on the weather and climate of Earth.
Attention students and Research Scholars: Last Date for remitting semester fee is 26-12-2016 for M. Sc. and M. Tech. students and 31-12-2016 for Ph. D. scholars
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Forthcoming Events
  • 13-12-2016
    Ph. D. Open defence and Viva by Maya Pai

  • 13-12-2016 2pm
    Invited talk by Dr. A. D. Rao, Professor, Centre for Atmospheric Sciences, IIT, Delhi on "Various coastal ocean process and some challenges in its prediction using numerical models.

Recent Publications
  • Nisa Anil, M. R. Ramesh Kumar, R. Sajeev and P. K. Saji (2016) Role of distinct flavours of IOD events on Indian summer monsoon. Natural Hazards, DOI 10.1007/s11069-016-2245-9
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