Department Of Physical Oceanography, Cochin University Of Science And Technology  - M. Tech. Ocean Technology
M. Tech. Ocean Technology

Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)

Nature of Programme: Regular-day

Professional/Non-professional: Professional

Intake (Seat) : 12

Admission: Through GATE score and DAT (Department Admission Test). Candidates with valid GATE scores are given first preference and are exempted from DAT. Notification in Jan-Feb. Visit IRAA, CUSAT

Programme Outcomes (PO):

  1. Bridging the knowledge of basic sciences and technologies to understand various natural phenomena.

  2. Identifying, formulating and analysing research problems.

  1. Developing analytical and computational skills to address challenges in environmental issues

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSO):

  1. Acquire knowledge in the areas of ocean engineering, marine hydrodynamics, satellite remote sensing and advanced marine technology.
  2. Demonstrate expertize in the operation of state-of-the-art instrumentations in ocean observations, data acquisition, analysis and interpretation in Ocean Engineering.
  3. Apply numerical models for ocean engineering issues.
  4. Execute scientific projects in oceanography & ocean technology and demonstrate the project outcome through presentation and publications.