Research Projects

Research Projects


Project Title Name of the Principal Investigator/ Co-Investigator Name of the Funding Agency Funds Provided (INR in lakhs) Duration of the Project
Modelling Coastal Sediment Transport and its impact on Coastal Environment Dr. R Sajeev Space Application Centre-ISRO 26.15 2014-2019
A coupled physical-ecosystem model based on MOM5-COBALT for the Indian Ocean Dr. V Vijith ESSO-Indian National Center for Ocean Information Services 22.5 2018-2021
Ocean Buoy System Dr. R. Sajeev/Dr. V. Vijith
Rashtriya Ucha Siksha Abhiyan 26 2017-2018
Echo-sounder with GPS Dr. R. Sajeev/Dr. V. Vijith DST-PURSE 25 2020-2021
"Impact of physical pro- cesses on the fisheries of the north Indian Ocean" Dr. V Vijith DST-SERB (TARE) 18 2018-2021
Modeling coastal oceanographic features in the South Eastern Arabian Sea Dr. P K Saji DST-PURSE 18 2020-2023
A Moored-Buoy Real-Time Observation System for the Cochin Backwaters Dr. V Vijith Seed Money for New Research Initiative, State Plan Grant 2018 (CUSAT) 2.25 2018-2021


Research in Tactical Oceanography, Modern Sensors, Signal Processing and Telemetry

Dr. R. Sajeev/Dr. P. K. Saji

DRDO Grant-in-Aid Research Project

183.9 2021-2024

Stable Isotope Research Facility for Marine and Climate Sciences

Dr. V Vijith (co-PI)


154.5 2023-2025